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Firstly, we put our Interior Design clients’ goals and vision in the forefront of our work. Our complete design solution includes Interior Design, space planning, 3D rendering, floorplans/ elevations, project management, procurement and styling. We have a keen eye for what makes an interior stand out and we do what it takes to produce extraordinary results.


Giving our involvement with Property Investors, we are skilled in transforming property acquisitions into high yielding investments through our design ideas and implementation.

Our Services

Bespoke interior Design

3D Renderings |  Floorplans | Elevations

Renovation Projects | Project Management

Property Staging | Product Sourcing

New build / Property Development Transformations

Design Only | Design & Supply | Design, Supply & Install

Our Interior Design Process

Each project has its unique elements and requirements. However, summarised below is a typical process we follow in our engagements.

Concept Development

Understanding the project

We start the process with an initial consultation where we discuss the client’s goals, we view the site and discuss the project scope amongst other key points. Following this meeting, we generate and present our ideas to the client based on our captured brief.

Detailed Design

Creativity and expertise

We present a more detailed version of the design which has incorporated into it, all the important elements like lighting, colour, space design, fixtures, furniture, joinery, e.t.c, complete with detailed specification and costing.

This is expected to go through some iterations before a final design is reached.

Project Management

managing quality and constraints

Depending on the depth of project management agreed prior, we manage progress and ensure quality of materials and installation. This very important stage in the project also sees us handling procurement and working with suppliers to get orders in on time. We keep our clients up to date on progress and make sure the right foundation is laid in order to deliver an exceptional result that meets time, quality and budget specifications.

Installation and Dressing

Finessing our work

Following the completion of the construction/ refurbishment, we manage the installation of fixtures, fittings, furnishings, accessories, etc. We finesse the design with finishing touches to exude character and style. Using colour, balance, symmetry and our keen eye for the fine details of design, we tell a visual story in each space.

Founder of Brielle Osayi Interior Design

About Brielle

I am Iyayi Brielle; the Lead Interior Designer & Founder of Brielle Osayi Interior Design. My involvement with Interior Design started over 20 years ago and through the decades, that passion has grown into a business and a purpose.

Regardless of project size, I am passionate about every Interior Design work. My design is accessible and my approach sees clients having as much or as little involvement as they choose.

My clients enjoy the added benefit of having an Interior Designer who is also a Property Developer and as such, well versed and skilled in design, construction and management, with the cradle-to-grave skills of seeing an interior transformation from design concept to handover.

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