Bespoke Interior Design

We develop Interior Design services based on individual project needs. We bring your vision to life through visual simulations and 3D renderings. We are well versed in our industry and can provide design with a complete turnkey service including project management.

Design, Supply, Install

In addition to Design Only and Design & Supply projects, we also provide turnkey services to cover Design, Supply & Installation. We work with a dedicated team of trusted professionals and contractors and we accommodate all stages of the process, including project management for a complete hands-off experience.

Property Investors

We work with property developers and investors to design the interiors of their acquisitions in a way that is functionally and aesthetically transformational, whether it be for sales or rental purposes. We have been successful in using our unique design & layout ideas to increase value and generate the desired results for our clients.


Welcome to Brielle Osayi Interior Design. We are a UK- based, global Interior Design company and we specialise in sophisticated Interior Design. Each project is treated as a personalised and unique work of art, whether it be residential or commercial.

We pride ourselves on our distinctive designs that incorporate style, functionality and practicality to transform the overall appearance, atmosphere and experience of any interior space.

Our Identity

We have an inherent eye for sophistication!

We aim to remain accessible to clients and ensure that from first contact, each client or partner catches our passion for design and successful delivery. This passion keeps us fresh, creative and successful.

On the design front, our  creation always features a rich blend of style, functionality and ambience. Our signature is to make interior design statements that keep the attention in the room.

Our Hallmark

Our attention to detail.

Yes, it can be hard work, but it’s one that yields results that set us apart!

Get in Touch!

We would love to help you with your next project. 

Contact us and we will arrange an initial consultaion as soon as possible.

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